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November 22, 2020 @ 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM America/Phoenix Timezone
1614 W Roosevelt St. #200 Phoenix
AZ 85007

Event Name: Space for Artists

The Rehearsal Residency is for artists looking to invest in their practice or process and need the time and space to explore their ideas. This program exists to encourage artists to invest in themselves and the art they are creating in an independent manner. The residency is free for BIPOC artists and on a pay-what-you-can for non-BIPOC artists (suggested $10/hour)

Location: 1614 W Roosevelt St. #200 Phoenix, AZ 85007

We hope that you enjoy using the [nueBOX] space for your creative endeavors! The Rehearsal Residency is free for BIPOC artists and available to all other artists on a pay-what-you-can scale. Payments can be made here: (

Build Door Code: 299999

Lock Box Code: 4321

Wi-Fi: ArmorySecured Password: 1617armory


If you haven’t been to the studio before, it is on the 2nd floor of The Armory in suite #200. The building is a big brick building on Roosevelt that says “National Guard” on the front – but don’t worry it is not a military base, it is full of studios for artists and creatives. There is a small parking lot to the East of the building, and street parking is also available. You will enter through the main building entrance and enter the doorcode, and we have a lock box on our door for the studio on the 2nd floor.


To keep our studios clean and safe during the COVID-19 outbreak we are taking some extra sanitary steps that we ask for your support with:


* There is a spray bottle with cleaning solution and a wet mop at the cabinets. Please first dry mop and then sanitize and wet mop any area of the floor that was used during your time in the space. Additional supplies can be found in the cabinet.
* There are Clorox wipes as well in the space, please wipe down speaker knobs, mixer, and door handle on your way out of the space


There are a few steps for the space that I will share here so that you can refer back to them later:


* After unlocking the door IMMEDIATELY return the key to the lock box. You will be responsible for missing keys if future users of the space are not able to access the space.
* To use the speakers, first turn on the power strip, then power on the speakers. When leaving the space FIRST POWER OFF THE SPEAKERS, then power off the power strip. If you do not turn off the speakers first you might blow out the speakers.
* To adjust the volume only use the slider on the mixer, do not touch any other controls on the speakers or mixer as we have adjusted for what is appropriate for the size of the room
* There is are some theatrical lights in the space. You can turn them on by pressing the small button on the side of the white adapter on top of the power cord
* There is a lounge and water fountain that you can use on the first floor if you go down the hallway to the right
* Do not throw organic trash into the bathroom trash. Please take with you or take outside to the dumpster. To get there, go to the first floor and turn right town the hallway. Open the door at end of hallway and make sure to prop it open. The trash is outside of this door.
* The door lock to the room is tricky! Check to make sure when you enter that the lock is popped “out” so that if you go to the bathroom and close the door behind you, you won’t get locked out. When you leave make sure to pop it in so that the door locks behind you and is secured.
* It is really nice outside, feel free to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air! Just make sure to close when you are finished
* If you need to turn off the AC or turn on the heat, please reset to “cool” and 74 degrees before you leave

By receiving this email you are agreeing to follow all of the above protocols when using the space.

If you have any questions or anything comes up contact Julie Akerly at (480) 330-2589 or by email

Cancellation Policy: You may reschedule your rehearsal times on your own through Calendly. If you need a refund please email us a

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