What do you love to do? How does all that you do serve your highest power? How does it serve others, in helping them reach theirs?… Heavy questions, yes, but necessary. We contemplated, looked outward, and then looked inward. Then, those questions were answered by the arrival of the G’s. Here you can read into who we are, our quest, our offerings, upcoming and past performances and workshops, videos, pictures, press kit, and how to make contact. Gratitude for your support.

Our Quest

Part of a worldwide movement. Of conscious art. And through our conscious movement art, we draw lines between communities, of which two have much of our attention and participation––the underground Hip Hop and transformational festival cultures. We share unknown, buried and well known albeit forgotten messages with originality and style. Our bodies tell stories of Light, Love, Growth and Transformation. We seek to share this with anyone ready to listen. The movement is expanding, and we’re here to help in the ways we know how.