What do you love to do? How does all that you do serve your highest path? Your highest you? How does it serve others, in helping them reach theirs? We ask ourselves these questions all the time. We sit and contemplate, look outward, look inward, ask each other, and ask you. As if by fate, these questions have been frequently answered by the arrival and evolution of "the G’s"–– aka The Sacred G’s. We call this group an Urban Arts Collective, as we embody most Hip Hop dance styles / Urban dance styles, graff and mural art, MCs, DJing and music production, and conscious event production. We co-create conscious events and specialized spaces at such events. We produce and remix music for our shows. We host, MC and DJ at events. We make art with various mediums. We teach technique-based choreography-based Hip Hop dance workshops. We teach urban movement styles at post-secondary institutions including ASU and MCCCD. We step into our movement laboratories, wiggle the daily struggles and stresses, express our artistry, exercise our athleticism, build upon issues that we find most important to us, and utilize all of this to create shows and perform around the country. We sit and contemplate the struggles. We look outward at the darkness. We look inward at the light. We ask each other. Then we make our art and with it we ask you.

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The Sacred G’s “seek to fuse modern urban dance with ancient spiritual traditions, treating movement as meditation, and connecting with source to use these energies to dance through life… More than just dancing, they help embody the new way of thinking and BEing that has been emerging.”  – The Lucid Planet

Our Quest

The Sacred G’s is part of a worldwide movement. Of conscious art. Of exploration and inquiry into higher states of consciousness, inner calm, outer peace. Through our art, we draw lines between communities, connecting cultures that we grew up being surrounded and inspired by: the underground Hip Hop community, the modern-day conscious transformational community, and for some of us, various indigenous and cross-cultural communities. We exhibit our art with particular intent, originality and style. Our shows tell stories of Light, Love, Growth and Transformation. We seek to share with anyone who resonates. The movement is expanding. The Sacred G’s are here to take part in all the ways we know how.

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