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Below are some resources for those who may not be a part of the Hip Hop & street/club dance communities. Collectively, these are our general community of practice, and they originate from African diaspora. The following businesses are doing the work to keep the knowledge and awareness accurate, honest, active, and alive. They respect the culture in their instructional classes and events. They hold the community in the mortar of their walls. We recognize them. If you or your young ones seek authentic street dance training or culture, refer to our list of in-person and online establishments. There you will find the essence of what we mean when we say “Peace, Love, Unity, & Havin’ Fun.”


Dance Djedi Academy

Avondale, AZ

Studance LAB

Phoenix, AZ

Catch Wrek Studios


Mesa, AZ

The Jukebox Grounds

Tucson, AZ

The Drop Dance Studio

Headquarters Dance Studio

Los Angeles, CA

Movement Lifestyle

Debbie Reynolds

WeBreak Mobile Hip Hop Dance Company

San Diego, CA

Culture Shock Dance Center

Denver, CO

Bboy Factory

Portland, OR

Center Space Studio


Randy L Barton