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What do you love to do? How does all that you do serve your highest path? Who is the highest version of you? How does it serve others, in helping them to reach for and obtain their highest version? We ask ourselves these questions repeatedly. We sit and contemplate, look outward, look inward, ask each other, and reflect. As if by fate, these questions have been frequently answered by the arrival and evolution of “The G’s.” Better known as The Sacred G’s, we identify as a street arts collective. While we live by the original motto of Hip Hop, we live in the creative engine of street & club dance styles, street and mural art, MCing and leadership, spoken word and poetry, DJing and music production, and community event production. We co-create events and activate spaces. We produce and remix original music. We host, MC and DJ; we make multimedia performance art with light technology, movement, and other mediums. We teach at universities and community colleges. We instruct dance workshops about technique, choreography, theory, and philosophy. We step into our movement laboratories, wiggle out the daily struggles and stresses, express our artistry, exercise our athleticism, build upon issues that we find most important to us as humans living in this contemporary time that we can all call the now. We sit and contemplate the of our brothers and sisters struggles. We look outward at the darkness. We look inward at the light. We ask each other. All of this we utilize to create works and present them where they may be heard and felt. We use our works in, hoping to leave such questions with you.

Our Quest

The Sacred G’s is part of a worldwide movement. Of intentional art. Of exploration and inquiry into higher states of consciousness, inner calm, and outer peace. Of response to injustice, and desperation for equality. Through our art, we draw lines between communities, connecting cultures that we grew up being surrounded and inspired by––the underground Hip Hop and street dance communities, spiritual & transformational communities, and for some of us, indigenous and cross-cultural communities. We exhibit our art with particular intent, originality and style. Our quest is to entertain on the surface, while embedding stories of light, love, growth and transformation in the tracers of our movement. We share our stories. The movement is expanding. The Sacred G’s are here to take part in all the ways we know how.