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Who We Are

The Sacred G’s formed in 2014 as a group of professional dancers that utilized the art of dance and sacred movement practices to empower the body, inspire the mind and enrich the link to Spirit. We’re a multicultural, versatile group of conscious art-makers who have hailed from differing life paths, yet our common ground is that we come from the underground Hip Hop, street, and club dance communities. Our love for and investment in real Hip Hop, street and club dance culture has led some of us to professionally battle (aka compete), perform, teach and create dance curriculum, produce events, produce other forms of street art, and carve out new entrepreneurial paths for ourselves. Our spiritual disciplines have led some of us to double as healers and yogis, which hints at one of the interpretations of the group’s name. Inspiration from our upbringings brought us to want to transcend our art into more meaningful, resonant messages for humanity that would in turn inspire the next of kin. Just as a picture meant in a good way can instill harmonic feelings, thoughts, emotions and change, so can movement, spoken word, music and community. Over the years we have evolved into a street arts collective that largely does contracted choreography, dance and multimedia performance, intruction and event production. The G’s has (co-)produced music/arts/dance events, hosted and MC’d stages, and created open practice sessions. Culminating our collective experience, we seek to share with intentional communities, the transformational festival culture, and cultural events.

Events (& Covid-Friendly Performance)

We’re available to be booked for your next event. While we have been dawning masks since before it was cool, our wearable LED technology abides by the strictest CDC regulations and social circumstances. During the apex of the 2020 pandemic shutdowns, we successfully tested this by partnering with several municipalities to bring interactive roaming performance to the public in a Covid-friendly and social distance-friendly way. We would love to hear about your event and how we may be safe and inspiring at it.


In the not so distant past we produced and co-produced events that brought communities together. Event management, promotion, decoration, DJing, hosting, MCing and other artist liason work, we have filled nearly every shoe possible. This will happen again soon. Until then, the best way to stay in the know is via our social media channels.


Unique dance experiences, combining future-ancient fusion movement, experimental street dance, traditional street dance, choreography, technique, and spiritual movement practices.  The Sacred G’s has a diverse range of dance styles, techniques, and  practices that it draws from. Workshops may draw from street dance styles such as Breaking (Breakdance), Popping, Waving, Animations/Robotics, street dance and grooves foundations, Footwork, and more. An example of a spiritual movement workshop could identify and explore the distinct connections between the dance styles and spiritual movement practices. An approach to dance and meditation, as movement techniques and combinations are explored to shift the shape of the physical body, and its relation to the space within. Some of the G’s offer weekly or pop-up classes. Some teach in-person or virtual dance courses at various colleges. A couple have been successful in creating their own online dance schools! Check out The Sacred G’s calendar or reach out for a list of current and upcoming dance courses.

Improvisation & Freestyle

Much of our training comes from years of consistent self-training, training with our own crews, and from training improvisational movement and freestyle dance. Some of the G’s have ascended in the dance battle circuit, while others have received university training and accredited degrees. We revere in getting on stage dancing during live acts, whereby we resonate with the artist and their musi. Similar to our choreography, we employ acrobatics, Hip Hop dance styles, perhaps with elements of our spiritual movement practices. The differences between choreography and freestyle here are that we don’t know what music will be played, how it will be mixed togehter, or how we will respond to the music. Such circumstances guide us to create wild, impulsive, raw performances, with a level of energy that choreographed movement does not allow for. We have danced at many festivals and concerts, with Com Truise, The Polish Ambassador, Phutureprimitive, Thriftworks, Kaminanda, Purity Ring, SaQi, Steve Aoki, Diplo, Minnesota, Supervision, Michael Menert, Eliot Lipp, Govinda, Love & Light, Paul Basic, and many more.

Interactive Roaming Character Work

Choreography, structured freestyle and raw improvisation. We may be isolated, roaming or interacting with attendees, installations and other surroundings. Our characters embody various themes, including psychedelic ninja or elemental protector, or 80’s Bboys & Bgirls. Embodied by specialized costumes, gestures, tasks, movement and dance, our themed roaming characters are non-verbal storytellers. Similar to day roaming characters, our night roaming characters go by the alias The Illuminated G’s––LED-suit dancers who seek to share our light (literally) with intense visual stimulation from world-class, state-of-the-art LED suits. Human/Robot statues, roaming characters, or special creatures with site-specific tasks. 


Synchronized and syncopated dance performance. Our shows have met audiences at events from inside small churches and at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, to main stages with 10 thousand people in the audience. Cross-cultural events, corporate events, and theater productions ask for this the most. Movment includes street styles such as Popping, Animating, Tutting, Footwork, Experimental, and Breaking. Music accompanied is typically spoken word, or to a predetermined music mix. We offer an eclectic mix of the emotionally-engaging and visually stunning. As we seek to deliver on a deeper level, our works hold messages for healing, inspiration and empowerment. We create the kind of settings that may strike with a melange of the joyous, the silly, the sincere, the dynamically explosive and the harmonic, leaving trails of love, light and awe behind in memory form. Custom choreography requires additional time to conceptualize, create and rehearse the choreography.

The Founding G’s (The GEOs)

And so it is said, they started out as a small group of 5 passionate dancers, each hailing from various professional backgrounds, who felt called to join forces and perform at a transformational festival. They wore several suits other than dancer, as there were five teachers, two healers, a hand balancer, four yogis, an actor, a singer/rapper, a spoken word artist, and a couple university dance professors. Already established in their own careers, they knew it was for a special cause, yet they didn’t know quite what to expect. Guidance brought them to that deciding moment on their first night, backstage, together as a thus far unnamed group. A collection of alike intentions and world views. A local movement that supported THE movement. A collective of conscious movement artists. On that winter night, amidst the permission of their ancestors, guides and angels, The Sacred G’s were born.